Bethenny Frankel: Baby Number 2?

August 4, 2010 By:
Bethenny Frankel: Baby Number 2?

Bethenny Frankel just had her little daughter Bryn like 5 minutes ago, and she’s already thinking about baby number two!

The 39-year old reality star is loving motherhood, saying Bryn is "the perfect baby.”

"She's absolutely beautiful and so she's so sweet," Frankel told Us Magazine at the GLAAD Summer Rooftop event in NYC. "She's a doll -- like you opened up a box and a doll came out."

Bethenny also says her daughter is "giggling, smiling and making lots of noises right now.”

So is it enough to want another one right away? She says she and husband Jason Hoppy are already thinking about it. "Jason wants to have one more," she said. "No plans right now, but conversations [are happening]."

What’s that expression…”Irish twins?” We don’t blame Bethenny for wanting to try for another—she is almost 40, and getting pregnant at that age can sometimes be difficult.

In the meantime, they seem to be enjoying every minute of their infant!