Bethenny Frankel Admits: My Marriage Is 'Off Course'

March 20, 2012 By:
Bethenny Frankel Admits: My Marriage Is 'Off Course'

Bethenny Frankel isn’t afraid to put everything out there. She’s talked openly about her miscarriage, and now, she’s admitted that she has marital problems, too.

On her reality show, Bethenny Ever After, the 41 year-old star revealed that she and husband Jason Hoppy are “off course.”

“That’s what we’re doing in our lives: we keep having the same argument over and over again,” Bethenny tells Jason. “We’re off course.”

Well, being “off course” just makes for better television than being in a happy marriage, so I’m guessing their issues will last for a couple more seasons.

In the episode, the two take a sailing trip, and it’s actually a marriage counseling boat ride with another couple and their therapist. Haven’t seen a Groupon for that one yet.

Jason jokes: “I learned that I’m a moron for coming on this boat!” The reality couple seems to fight non-stop, but Jason is confident that they’ll work out their problems.

“Where do I want to be in 10 years? Married to her,” Jason says. “Whether she believes it or not.'

Bethenny and Jason will celebrate their two year wedding anniversary on March 28, but they blame their marital problems on 1) having a child so soon after meeting and 2) being old.

'We didn't date for that long and we were pregnant and so many different things happened at the same exact time including having a baby and my business,” Bethenny told Anderson Cooper in an interview.

“We were also older, when you get married older you're set in your ways and that's when the acceptance really has to come into play.”