Ben Stiller Mocks Joaquin Phoenix During Oscars

February 23, 2009 By:
Ben Stiller Mocks Joaquin Phoenix During Oscars

While presenting the Best Cinematography alongside Natalie Portman,
Ben Stiller simply couldn’t resist the opportunity to parody actor/ rapper Joaquin Phoenix at the Oscars last night in LA. And his impression was dead on!

Mocking Phoenix' recent string of bizarre public appearances, Ben wore a scruffy fake beard and wandered aimlessly around the stage.

Natalie Portman asked him why he was acting so strange to which he replied, "I just wanna retire from being the funny guy", prompting her reply, "You look like you live in a Hasidic meth lab." The crowd roared with laughter.

Playing along with his joke, Portman then said, "This is ridiculous," and asked him to take out his chewing gum because he's "at the Oscars."

"OK, I'll take it out," Ben said and stuck the gum on the podium, mocking Phoenix for doing the same thing during a taping of David Letterman's Late Show last week.

It's pretty sad that Joaquin was nominated for an Oscar just a few years ago and this year he was the laughing stock of the industry. Hope his "rap career" is worth it. In the meanwhile, check out Ben's hilarious impression of Joaquin below...