Ben Affleck's Special Mother's Day Message

May 11, 2012 By:
Ben Affleck's Special Mother's Day Message

Ben Affleck has just posted a very special Mother’s Day video on his facebook.

The actor recently traveled to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to meet the ladies and their families who live there.

In 2009, Ben founded Eastern Congo Initiative (ECI), which focuses on working with the people of Eastern Congo to create sustainable life in their society.

In Affleck’s video he shouts out to his own mom and his wife Jennifer Garner.

“Hi, I want to say Happy Mother’s day to moms in my life, my mom Chris and my amazing wife Jennifer who is an incredible spectacular world class mom and I want to thank her!”

He also adds, “And I want to say hi to all the moms I met in the Democratic Republic of Congo.”

The video features photos and video of the mothers he met in the DRC and Affleck urges us to visit the website or if you’d like to donate money to ECI and support the ladies that live in Eastern Congo.

Share this video with all the moms you know and love and help out the women of Eastern Congo.