Ben Affleck Mistaken for a Bank Robber

September 17, 2010 By:
Ben Affleck Mistaken for a Bank Robber

Can you believe the handsome Ben Affleck was mistaken for a bank robber?

Ben says he was mistaken for a robber recently while shooting scenes for his new movie The Town.

He said, “One day we were shooting near a bank and they wanted to keep the bank open for the day so we tried to accommodate them as best we could,” he said.

“And we had this scene where I have my mask on and a machine gun and Jeremy Renner is the same and we’re dragging Rebecca Hall into the van.

“I realized that I should start from inside the bank to give myself a place to cut so I went into the bank. I walked in wearing a skeleton mask, holding a machine gun and I have never seen true terror until that moment. Including from the security guard.”

Obviously waking into a bank with a machine is going to freak people out! One woman screamed so loud they had to stop shooting so he could attempt to calm her down. “One lady just screamed so I took my mask off and went ‘It’s OK, it’s just me’ and that made her scream even louder!”

He jokingly added, “We had a lot of felons in the movie which caused problems when we were shooting scenes because they’re supposed to hold guns and stuff but they’re not allowed to,” he said. “So we had to go to the federal judge and their probation officers. It turns out they take those laws very seriously.”

The Town is getting a lot of praise by critics, we hear it's one of Affleck's best films since Goodwill Hunting! Do you think he still has it?