Beauty Talk For Fall

August 17, 2006 By:
Beauty Talk For Fall

It’s Hollyscoop’s “Fashion Thursday” and this week we will be talking about the “Beauty Trends” for the next season. Although Fall is only a few steps away, it’s always good to get a head start. As we all know, last season was all about the 40’s glam, with the red lipstick, minimal eye make up, liquid eyeliner, red nail polish and curly hair. It seems that fashion houses such as Gucci, Dior and Chanel are tired from that look and are jumping a couple of decades. This season its all about the 70’s, think Studio 54 and Rock n Roll Glam. Listed below are the Hollyscoop top 5 looks for Fall.

1) “Flat Hair is in and volume is out! The look is all about long, flat straight hair. Get your flat irons out and get some extensions. Once you get the flat hair look you must add the “Skunk stripe” look to go along with it. Please don’t go overboard, the highlights should be on the bottom adding some flare.

2) “Ziggy Eyes is the hottest look for the eyes. It’s all about the drastic eye make up giving that “Rock n Roll” look. The hottest color for eye shadows will be Blue.

3) Purple Rouge is all about adding that special color on your lips. From dark shades of purple to any light tones always think “Purple”.

4) ”Strong Eyebrows” are making a comeback and brining along with it a bold statement of strength. Stop plucking away and keep it thick ladies.

5) “Ebony Nail Polish is in and pastel colors are out. The look is all about gothic colors such as burgundy, plum and dark shades of red.