Battlestar Galactica: Faith

May 12, 2008 By:
Battlestar Galactica: Faith

Episode 4x6

Well what did we discover this week? Roslin is slowly being taken in by Baltar's words and is not ready to die. Starbuck is the Harbinger of Death. The Opera House scene gets spoken of again. And is there actually going to be a truce between the Colonials and some of the Cylons? The Final 5 know the way to earth? Hmmm…

With a mutiny on the Demetrius averted, Starbuck and a few volunteers including Anders, decide to board Leoben's ship in order to find his Cylon Base Ship. For Starbuck, though, it's more of a spiritual thing. She NEEDS to find Earth. She has to.

For Anders it's this constant search for who he exactly is now. His feelings for Kara are still evident. But with him being one of the new Cylons (in hiding), it seems that he's trying to avoid the reality of who he is. Sooner or later that will definitely catch up with him. The real question is how will Kara take it when she finds out.

Roslin is dealing with her sickness, mortality, and a small crisis of faith while giving more responsibility to Tory. This will play out very interesting.

At the end the crew of the Demetrius meet up with the Cylon Base Ship, which means next week everyone will meet up with Galactica. Crap is going to hit the fan and the colonials will divide even further. Although wouldn't it be interesting if through all this turmoil, it's Baltar that actually unites the fleet? The pieces are being placed that way it seems. Hmm.. just a theory.