Video: Sherri Shepherd Criticizes Barbara Walters for Using the N-Word

October 4, 2011 By:
Video: Sherri Shepherd Criticizes Barbara Walters for Using the N-Word

On Monday’s episode of The View Barbara Walters dropped the N-Word, and no, she wasn’t singing a Dr. Dre song.

Whoopi Goldberg opened up the conversation about the controversial word when discussing it being used at one of Rick Perry’s properties. Apparently, Perry was part of a hunting club, and one of their properties was named after the N-Word.

“When the candidate, Herman Cain, talked about how radically insensitive it was, he didn’t use ‘The N-Word’, which is I guess what we’re supposed to be saying now,” Whoopi explained. “I just use the word,” she said, after saying it in front of the audience, who cringed a bit.

“I find it so interesting that you did [just use the word], Barbara Walters chimed in, throwing around the N-word a few times to describe the situation.

“But there’s a difference between the way you and Whoopi say it,” Sherri Shepherd interjected.

Barbara then finished her sentiment saying it’s interesting that some people have chills saying it, but then others just say it like it’s no big deal.

"I didn't like the way you said it," Shepherd told her co-host. "I don't know if it's a semantics thing, but it's something that goes through my body." Shepherd then admitted that it was probably because Barbara was White that she could never use the word and get away with it.

"Yeah, it's something about hearing you say it," Shepherd said. "I don't like it when you use the word. … When you say it, it's a different connotation."

I’ve met plenty of people who aren’t Black and don’t understand why it’s not okay to just throw this word around. I’m no historian, but it might have something do with the fact that an entire race of people were enslaved for centuries where they were referred to by that name, which translated to “slave.” So that might have something to do with it. I’m just guessing here.

If there weren’t hicks in Texas who named their hunting clubs after that word, I would say maybe it’s evolved beyond this. But apparently, it hasn’t.

Then again, the fact that there’s an open conversation and debate about it is a sign that things are changing, and that’s pretty cool. Who knew The View could be so reflective? This is so much more profound than Whoopi Goldberg’s farts.