Top 5 Comedy Sketches of The 2012 Election

November 6, 2012 By:
Top 5 Comedy Sketches of The 2012 Election

To get you in the voting kind of mood, we’ve rounded up the 5 best political sketches that make fun of the 2012 election. Gotta get that punch ballot hand action warmed up if you haven’t already voted. It doesn’t matter which candidate you voted for, these next five videos make fun of everyone and everything.

1) Key & Peele “Angry Obama Translator” – Key & Peele on Comedy Central do Obama sketches regularly, but their best sketch ever is the Angry Obama translator. You know how everyone says Obama never looses his cool and some wonder if he EVER gets angry? In this sketch, Obama hires an “anger translator” to translate Obama’s cool-as-a-cucumber exterior to his hood rat interior.

2) SNL “Convention Cutaways”  - The best political sketches are the ones that don’t single out one political party but just make fun of EVERYONE, or in this case, the people who show up to political conventions. In this SNL sketch called “Convention Cutaways” it’s a DVD that just features all the people the cameras cutaway to during political conventions. From “the straight guy they cut away to when they talk about gay issues” to the “women who is emotional before anyone has even started speaking,” it’s a must watch sketch.

3) SNL “Eastwood and Chair” – Some people in this office thought that Clint Eastwood’s “chair” speech at the Republican National Convention WAS a sketch, sadly, that was a real thing, but SNL poked fun at the chair-incident with a sketch about Clint Eastwood turning his “chair act” into a full fledged off-Broadway show.

4) 30 Rock’s “Liz Lemon the Liberal” – This technically isn’t a sketch, but I had to include it because it makes fun of both Democrats and Republicans. In this 30 Rock episode, Tina Fey represents the Democrats with banter that make liberals look like idiots with lines like “dolphins are gay” and Alec Baldwin makes the republicans look bad with lines like “Vote for Mitt Romney, our first truly rich president.”

5) This sketch is awesome because the PRESIDENT IS IN IT! Late Night with Jimmy Fallon features a recurring sketch called “Slow Jam the News” where Jimmy tells you what’s happening in the news in the style of a sexy slow jam. In this edition, Jimmy is joined by the POTUS himself. Imagine Barack Obama talking about Stafford loans while a saxophone wines and Jimmy growls “ohhh yeaaahhh.” Actually, don’t imagine it, WATCH IT NOW!