Susan Boyle Turns Down Barack Obama's Dinner Invitation

May 10, 2009 By:
Susan Boyle Turns Down Barack Obama's Dinner Invitation

Susan Boyle became an international success overnight after a brief appearance on Britain's Got Talent.

The youtube video of her audition already has over 52 million views, and we now know President Barack Obama contributed to that number.

According to the News of the World, Barack reportedly invited Susan to attend a dinner at the White House, but she refused because it was too big of a deal.

"She was shocked and thrilled by the invite - but it was all too much too soon for her so she said 'No'. She has been told President Obama has seen clips of her on TV and loved her singing. And she is delighted.

"But instead she'll have no doubt stayed in with her cat Pebbles, washed her hair and watched Britain's Got Talent on telly," the paper quoted a source as saying.

Who would pass up a chance to go to the White House? And to stay home to play with your cat of all things? Maybe this Susan Boyle phenomenon has gotten out of hand, and she's starting to feel silly about her newfound fame?