Sarah Silverman Tells Obama She'll be Naked

April 4, 2011 By:
Sarah Silverman Tells Obama She'll be Naked

Because the terrorists will never win, President Barack Obama met with comedian Sarah Silverman to discuss very important political matters. Namely, her upcoming nude scene.

On Piers Morgan Tonight, Silverman revealed that when she met with Obama, she awkwardly blurted out, “I’m going to be naked in a movie!” when the President asked what was next for her.

Silverman said Obama responded jokingly, saying, “You’ll have to send me that.” Silverman insisted repeatedly that he wasn’t saying it in a “pervy” way, but trying to help her save face by “diffusing the situation generously.”

Shouldn’t Obama be like, working on the economy or something instead of hitting on Sarah Silverman? What’s next, is he gonna be in the Violent Torpedo of Truth tour?

Silverman has actually been an avid supporter of Obama since the 2008 election, which is why she got to meet the president. And I wouldn't be surpised if she gets a special meeting from Michelle now, too.