President Obama And The First Lady Caught On Kiss Cam!

July 17, 2012 By:

Everybody loves when celebrities get caught on the kiss cam, but we see celebrities kissing all the time on TV, in movies, or when the paparazzi are hiding behind a tree and a celeb couple are just trying to share a kiss at the outdoor patio of a popular brunch spot in L.A. But when President Obama and his wife Michelle get caught on the kiss cam, it’s a kiss cam of presidential proportions!

Last night, Barack, Michelle and their daughter Malia took in a Team USA basketball exhibition game against Brazil in Washington D.C. when the Kiss Cam swooped in on the P.O.T.U.S. and his wife.

Not one to kiss and tell, Barack just put his arm around his wife while poor Michelle looked embarrassed.

The crowd boo’d when they didn’t actually pucker up.

Once Obama realized that not kissing is no way to improve his numbers in the polls, the Kiss Cam gave them another chance.

When the Cam angled up on them again, Barack leaned in, planted a wet one on his wife and then kissed her forehead, awwww. While the 14-year-old version of ourself would be mortified to see our parents PDA on the jumbotron, Malia and everyone nearby was loving it!

Also in the audience was Former White House aid Reggie Love and Vice President Joe Biden, but the Kiss Cam skipped over this White House duo.