Obama Infomercial to Air Tonight

October 29, 2008 By:
Obama Infomercial to Air Tonight

Barack Obama plans to air a 30-minute infomercial tonight on all the major networks at 8PM. The only network that declined to show it is ABC.

Coming just six days before Election Day, the purchase is one of the largest ad buys in election history. It will saturate the airwaves. And a lot of sports fans are wondering what will happen on Fox tonight.

The World Series is set to resume tonight, after being suspended on Monday due to rain. And they’ll have to wait until after Obama’s done talking to play ball! The game will resume at 8:37PM.

On the west coast, the campaign commercial will follow the game. ABC, being the only one not showing the infomercial, said they didn’t want to bump Pushing Daisies out of their slot.

In the ad blitz, Obama will focus in part on real voters' stories. Other political figures will make an appearance and the ad will go right into a live rally from Sunrise, Florida. Will you be tuning in at 8? Or can you not miss Pushing Daisies?