Kirsten Dunst Backs Obama

August 19, 2008 By:
Kirsten Dunst Backs Obama

Another Hollywood actress has stepped up to announce her support for Barack Obama.

Kirsten Dunst says she not only supports Barack, but also will go to great lengths to ensure he's elected. Um, she knows the election is in less than three months right?

She says, "I absolutely adore him and I'll do whatever is necessary to help him become the next president. I'm so excited that he is running.
I'm aware that he does have some factors against him. For example, his
father is African, and not an African-American, and he doesn't have much
experience. I think he can do a lot for people of my generation. He's such a dashing statesman. I love that he just lays it all on the table. He already
wrote the book. He's just everything you want a president to be."

It sounds like she has more of a crush on him than anything else! Still, at
least she has a point of view. Kirsten's better than Brooke Hogan, who's not even voting at all!