If It Were A Movie: Election 2012

November 7, 2012 By:
If It Were A Movie: Election 2012

Today is a very important day. Maybe so important that someone could make a movie about it.

Well, from Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, to Michelle Obama and Ann Romney, we’ve already got a good head start on ideas of who would play which politician persona in the movie version of their lives.

Here are our thoughts. 

Who Would Do the Best “Barack Obama”?

Will Smith: The president can be a funny fellow. The “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” grad would put the commander-in-chief’s comedy stylings front and center.

Jamie Foxx: The on screen badass would make for a badass president, aka a perfect choice for an Independence Day-esk action adventure.

Denzel Washington: He’s played his fair share of important figures over the years: Malcolm X, Eli, and Don Pedro from Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. No doubt “Obama” would fit in with the rest his resume. 

Who Would Do the Best “Michelle Obama”?

Gabrielle Union: This Obama supporter is a flat out babe. She’s also an easy fit to fill the fashionable shoes of the first lady.

Beyoncé: How cool would Beyoncé be as Michelle Obama? Allow me to answer that for you: COOL. And I’m sure she’d jump at the opportunity with her public love fest with the incumbent couple. 

Viola Davis: Viola has actually spoken out about playing the role, telling Vogue, “If I thought it was relevant and correct. I always like stories where you see human beings in struggle.”

Who Would Do the Best “Mitt Romney”?

Jason Sudeikis: Anyone who has enjoyed Sudeikis’ ongoing interpretation of Romney on “Saturday Night Live” would endorse him for this role.

Josh Brolin: The actor played George Bush in the 2008 film W. And, because all Republican candidates look the same, I’m sure he would be able to pull off Romney too.

Jon Hamm: Hamm’s dashing looks would only complement that of the Republican candidate’s.

Who Would Do the Best “Ann Romney”?

Meryl Streep: The actress has proven time and time again that she can play any role. Hell, she could probably even pull off a pretty good “Obama.”

Amy Poehler: Yes, this would have to be the comedy version of “The Ann Romney Story.” But I’d watch Amy playing anything, even if it is Mitt Romney’s wife. 

Anne Heche: The hair, the eyes, and even her name—They all already match, so why not take the plunge and play the role?

And, just because we’re having so much fun here, we went ahead and casted the vice presidential candidates too.

Who Would Do the Best “Joe Biden”?

Steve Martin: Steve Martin rarely plays a serious character. But that’s OK, because Joe Biden rarely acts like a serious character in real life. 

Who Would Do the Best “Paul Ryan”?

Jake Gyllenhaal: I am scared at how close of a match that this is. Jake Gyllenhaal, the same man that played a gay lover in Brokeback Mountain, is the spitting image of the politician that is against that kind of relationship behavior on a marriage level.