Election Day: A Guide For What to Do After You Vote

November 6, 2012 By:
Election Day: A Guide For What to Do After You Vote

The big day is finally upon us. Our nation—the motivated portion—will file into sweaty polling booths and fill out flimsy pieces of paper in a patriotic effort to collectively decide which politician’s mug we’ll be staring at for the next four years.

In other words, it’s Election Day…

But Election Day isn’t all business. After you vote, there are plenty of parties, activities, and ways to benefit from this once every 1,461 days event. Take a look:

Poll Coverage: As you gather around the LCDs on Tuesday gnawing away at your cuticles, you’ll likely be flicking back-and-forth between channels like some fiend chasing the political dragon.

As expected, all the major networks are taken full advantage of the bloated Tuesday night audience. 

FOX’s coverage will be hosted by Bret Baier and Megyn Kelly with appearance from other familiar faces (Bill O’Reilly); Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper with co-anchor on CNN; Diane Sawyer and George Stephanopoulos will helm the effort ABC, NBC will feature the stylings of Brian Williams (the man, the myth, the legend), and Scott Pelley will debut his election coverage via CBS.

And—with such a close race—the up-to-date coverage is expected to go well past the witching hour. 

Party Down: Win, lose or draw, it always calls for camaraderie. Lucky for you—no matter which candidate you support—there are official gatherings where you can meet with people of similar ideologies to celebrate, sulk or scratch your heads as a group.

Both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have search-friendly event listings calibrated to your living situation on their websites. Check it out HERE and HERE.

FYI—There are some parties listed on Obama’s site that might feature celebrity guests.

Free Stickers: Second to “free t-shirts” there is no incentive greater than the idea of a free sticker. 

From Lexington Social House on Vine to CAFÉ del REY in Marina Del Rey, several business in the Los Angeles area are supporting the cause of getting you off your mom’s couch and to the polls on November 6th. 

Check out CBS’ roundup for a full list.

Jet Blue Loves Losers: The air travel giant is the holding what is probably the best presidential election promotion of all time. If your candidate doesn’t win, you’re entered into a chance to win a free pass to anywhere but here…

“If things don’t do your way, don’t worry,” the promotion site reads. “Here’s your chance to get a free flight out of the country with Jet Blue.”

Check out the company’s Election Protection page for details. 

Vote: Most importantly, do your duty as a citizen and cast a ballot. Yes it will require you to hit pause on “Gears of War” for a few seconds, but it will also make you feel as warm and fuzzy as Kim Kardashian’s cat in return. Do it!