Brigitte Bardot to Barack Obama: Save The Seals!

February 21, 2009 By:
Brigitte Bardot to Barack Obama: Save The Seals!

Brigitte Bardot
has a plea for Barack Obama. In the midst of changing the country around, she’s wondering if he could just take a moment and save the seals!

Brigitte is a longtime animal rights activist and has just written an open letter to the president urging him to speak out against seal hunting.

Bardot says she has “immense hope” in Obama, "even if I know that he is in demand from all directions and he already has a lot to do in his own country."

Couldn’t she give the guy a little space? Yes, animal rights are important, but there’s a little thing called the economy right now that is going down the toilet!

This letter was linked to Obama's visit Thursday to Canada, whose large annual seal hunt often is criticized.

The U.S. banned Canadian seal products in 1972.

The European Union is considering a ban on seal products, and Bardot expressed hope that Obama could use his positive image in Europe to lobby for the ban.

If Brigitte is so concerned, she needs to get up do something about it herself! It’s PSA time!