50 Cent Chimes in on Obama and the Economy

January 21, 2009 By:
50 Cent Chimes in on Obama and the Economy

Change is officially here with the Presidential Inauguration of Barack Obama.

One person that's no stranger to the concept of change is rap superstar 50 Cent; after all, his name is a metaphor for change.

Hollyscoop caught up with 50 Cent at the Vitaminwater house in Park City where he was announcing projects for his production company Cheetah Vision Films with his producing parter Randall Emmett. Hollyscoop had a one-on-one interview, in which we discussed the current political climate, his thoughts on Obama and the change he will bring to our country.

"I think he inherited the country in a difficult state, actually worse, I think it will take time," 50 told Hollyscoop. "I hope for all of our sake that his plans work for us."

Millions of people (and celebs) have lined up in the streets of Washington D.C. hoping to get a glimpse of the President. But will 50 be there?

"I may watch it from a really nice hotel room in D.C. because it’s going to be a whole lot of people out there for no reason doing different things," he said.

50 Cent jokingly continued, "If Obama didn’t invite you, you really shouldn’t be there, that’s how I feel about it. When I go to places when people didn’t invite me they look at me crazy like, 'why is he out there?'"

In regards to our countries current economic crises affecting the music industry, 50 said: “The music business is in a different climate, Circuit City is going out of business, you can't put so much pressure on me, GMC needs a bail out.

When you got major corporation having issues, of course the music business is going to change, and it takes a little longer for them to position the music in the public in order for us to actually release it," he said. "But they should look for it [his new album 'Before I Self Destruct'] to come out late February to March.”

Speaking of 'Change' and Barack Obama, check out the special video below of celebrities endorsing Obama and the Inauguration...