Bar Refaeli and Kate Upton Love Nerds for Super Bowl

February 1, 2013 By:
Bar Refaeli and Kate Upton Love Nerds for Super Bowl

Bar Refaeli and Kate Upton are as awesome as they are sexy…

In between the hard hits, helmet-to-helmet contact, and man-grabbing of Sunday’s big game day that will be fulfilling the collective male audience’s borderline homoerotic fantasies, these models will fulfill their dreams of bagging hot chicks way out of their league during the commercial breaks.

Bar Refaeli is turning plenty of heads this morning for her appearance in this year’s Go Daddy spot.

The Internet company, known for its controversial ads, pits the Israeli vixen against a dude named “Walter,” who looks like your typical guy from IT. The spot pairs these two in the most awkward make out scene in recent memory.

Bar represents the “sexy side” of the company and Walter represents the “smart side.” Together they form the most unlikely and uncomfortable moment to watch while sitting next to your mom on game day ever…

Meanwhile, Kate Upton gets paired with another nerdy dude in a new Mercedes spot that will air on Sunday. Albeit, her ad is a little bit more tame.

A scrawny fellow contemplates trading his soul to the Devil for a seductive CLA. Here, the Devil is embodied too perfection by Willem Dafoe.

Along with the sick ride comes some luxurious lifestyle fixtures. One of those items includes pairing up with Kate on the red carpet and driving around with her in the passenger seat.

Needless to say, this year’s theme is nerds rule all!