Jersey Shore Guidos Pose With Bar Rafaeli

April 12, 2010 By:
Jersey Shore Guidos Pose With Bar Rafaeli

The guys of Jersey Shore probably don’t even realize how good they have it. They’re famous for being guidos on an MTV show that just got picked up for a second season, and now they’re posing in Interview magazine with the smoking hot Bar Refaeli.

The guys teamed up with the supermodel for a shoot…oh, and an interview. Mike "The Situation" broke down how becoming famous has been for him in the last year.

“Oh, man, it’s just unbelievable,” he told the mag. “Everywhere I go, there’s just mass amounts of people. There’s people showing up at airports, wanting autographs, girls, it’s insane. It’s like The Beatles, man. A number of times girls were hysterical. I had a guy faint at one of my appearances in St. Louis. I was taken aback but at the same time flattered. I guess he got a little too excited, which is understandable. When you see The Situation in person, it can startle some people.”

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As for the backlash Italian-Americans have gotten as a result of the show, Mike said, “A lot of people like to point the finger. Once people saw the show and realized it was just a bunch of kids living, working, and doing a little partying, they realized it was harmless.”

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, who is now split up from Sammi Sweetheart, gave his insight on the Jersey Shore phenomenon. “I call it America’s show,” he explained. “It gives you everything. You’ve got drinking, fighting, hanging out. It’s like one big family. I think we touched a lot of things a lot of reality shows don’t. We went on there, and we were natural and just ourselves. I think a lot of people on reality shows try to be something that they’re not. We meshed very well.”

As for Vinny Guadignino, he’s treating this opportunity as a gateway to bigger and better things. He told the mag, “I want to be an actor. Like, a serious actor. I can do comedy, too. But that’s what I’ve always wanted. I’m going to ride this wave out, and if it doesn’t come through, I have a political science degree, so I can work for the government. If I had the opportunity to be in the entertainment industry, whether it’s being a rapper or an actor, I’d choose that over being in a suit-and-tie ant farm. I’ve been in that world. I’ve interned before.”

Pauly D brought it back to the definition of “guido,” something he holds sacred. “A fake guido is a person who’s trying to be something they’re not,” he explained. “A real guido is like myself. I’m not trying to be anybody: I’m trying to be myself. Somebody who’s trying to be something they’re not—you can tell they are just right off the bat. Just because they’re trying to be somebody they’re not. You can tell in the club and stuff.

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