Bar Refaeli Leaves Little To The Imagination And We Love Her For It

July 31, 2012 By:

So what can the hottest woman in the world wear? As little or as much of anything she wants.

Bar Refaeli tweeted a pic from her latest photoshoot in London. She’s rocking some kind of a black lace full body stocking thing. And by rocking, we mean just that.

If this is just like the camera phone version of the shoot taken by a passing hairdresser, we can’t wait to see the real deal either.

Girl looks good! In a sock. I mean, it’s a lacey sock, but still. And it’s a hard one to pull off. In this case, success.

It’s a nice full-body alternative to the rash of middle age celebrity bikini shots taking over Twitter these days. Not to say we don't enjoy those too.

Less can be more. Full-body coverage, as long as its tight enough, can rival a teeny weeny string bikini any day.

But staying on the topic of bathing suits – despite her totally amazing bod, Bar does seem to have some envy, for Olympic swimmers.

Or it might have been lust, not sure whether she was partaking in the men’s or women’s Olympic Games in the pool. Regardless, hours after she tweeted her own image, she gave a shout out to the Olympians for being, well, hot.

And so are we, Bar. So are we.