Bar Refaeli Is The Hottest On Maxim's Hot 100

May 22, 2012 By:
Bar Refaeli Is The Hottest On Maxim's Hot 100

It’s all about Bar Refaeli this year.

The men’s magazine dubbed the Israeli supermodel the top hottie on their Hot 100. Names like Mila Kunis, Emma Stone, and Jennifer Lawrence fell short of Refaeli in the top ten spot.

“Every year, it's a different girl that I look up to. For me to be among them, it's an honor," Refaeli told USA Today.

This year marked the first time ever that readers were allowed to weigh in with their opinions on where the mega-beauties should land on the list. As a result, the list looks a smidge different than it did in previous years.

Some of our favorites moved around a bit from last year. Here’s a little preview:


#4 - Katy Perry (from #3)

#17 – Scarlett Johansson (from #14)

#68 – Miley Cyrus (from #64)

#71 - Sofia Vergara (from #29)

#32 Rihanna (from #22)


#8 – Megan Fox (from #17)

#7 - Emma Stone (from #42)

#6 – Jennifer Lawrence (from #10)

#3 – Mila Kunis (from #5)

#21 – Emma Watson (from #69)

Other surprises were the high-scoring ladies that didn’t even appear on last year’s list at all, such as Blake Lively at #13, Kristen Stewart at #15, Selena Gomez at #24, and Zooey Deschanel at #41. Kim Kardashian was among the unfortunate souls that got booted from the list altogether. Last year Kim K “earned” a #35 spot.

Of course, when you employ the public you’re going to get some bizarrely awesome additions like the cartoon character Louis Griffin at #85, and the always surprising Stephen Colbert at… how perfect is this: #69.

Refaeli moves up from her spot in the 2011 list at #6. Last year’s winner Rosie Huntington Whitely fell to a #11 spot on this year’s list.

The mag’s decision to involve the public came after criticism from the public on their rankings and omissions. Maxim came back with more or less “FINE, you decide it then!”

Well done, readers. Well done…