Brad Pitt Friends With 'Jackass' Crew

June 24, 2011 By:
Brad Pitt Friends With 'Jackass' Crew

Brad Pitt has text his condolences to Bam Margera concerning the death of his best friend Ryan Dunn.

That’s really sweet but kind of random. Brad texting Bam Margera is like Angelina Jolie texting Snooki. Is Brad Pitt friends with the Jackass crew? Apparently.

Brad has appeared in two Jackass skits. In one scene, he dresses up in a giant fuzzy bear costume and wreaks havoc on the streets of LA along with the other Jackass dudes also dressed up as giant animals. Pitt also appears in a 2002 sketch for the MTV show were he waits in line at Pinks hotdogs only to be “abducted” by the Jackass crew.

Good to see Brad staying in touch with his former pranksters and showing his love.

Margera, who last updated his twitter to slam Roger Ebert, tweeted his surprise and appreciation for the text from the Oscar winner. “Wow, just got a nice text form brad pitt concerning dunn, tnx 2 everyone for the texts, cheers me up.”

Even Margera seemed surprised when he got the message.