Balloon Boy's Parents Being Investigated by Police

October 16, 2009 By:
Balloon Boy's Parents Being Investigated by Police

Thankfully, yesterday the Heene family was blessed with the good news that their 6-year old son Falcon had never climbed into the balloon seen soaring over Colorado, and was rather hiding in the family’s attack to avoid punishment.

But the story just gets weird from that point on. Now the Larimer County Sheriff's Department is apparently conducting an investigation into the whole mess.

A Sheriff's official tells TMZ they will not interview the family today because "their physical and emotional state as of this morning is not well."

That was made pretty clear when little Falcon puked not once, but twice during the live interview with the Today Show. And his parents barely even flinched.

Speaking of the parents, we’ve also learned they have been pitching a reality show about their family to several networks. Now rumor has it the whole Balloon Boy escapade was just a hoax for publicity.

When Falcon was asked by Wolf Blitzer if he had heard his family calling his name, and if he had, why he hadn't come out of his hiding place, Falcon replied: “We did it for the show.”

The father Richard Heene angrily denied allegations that it was deliberately engineered by the family, who have previously appeared on Wife Swap. He accuses the media of making up “garbage” and misinterpreting Falcon's words.

Watch the video below of Falcon telling Wolf Blitzer he “did it for the show,” and you tell us, was it all for PR?