Balloon Boy's Father Gets Jail Time

December 23, 2009 By:
Balloon Boy's Father Gets Jail Time

Balloon Boy's father Richard Heene wanted to be famous, and now he is. But no one cares about fame in jail--which is where he's headed.

Judge Stephen Schapanski just sentenced Richard 30 days in jail “straight time” and another 60 days on a work release program on Wednesday.

His lawyer, David Lane, told the judge that his client takes full responsibility and begged for leniency for his wife.

"If anyone has to go to jail here, your honor, its Richard Heene...Do not send his wife to jail. That's his plea," said Lane. "That would be something of a Christmas miracle."

Richard’s wife Mayumi received four years probation.

"In the end what this case is about is deception, exploitation...and money," said Schapanski before sentencing Richard.

The Heene's are officially the dumbest parents in the world. The judge should have given him an extra 30 days for stupidity.