Balloon Boy Dad Still Denying Hoax

January 7, 2010 By:
Balloon Boy Dad Still Denying Hoax

Richard Heene, aka the father of Balloon Boy, did his first television interview since the whole debacle. And despite the fact that he was convicted and is going to jail, Heene is denying it was a hoax!

In an interview with Larry King, Richard told him he truly believed his son Falcon was in the homemade balloon when it floated away from the family’s home in Colorado.

He said, “My motivation is to simply clear up my name, then do my time and get back to my family. That’s all I’m after.”

Heene went on to say the only reason he pleaded guilty was to protect his wife from being deported back to her homeland of Japan.

“We had searched the house, high and low,” he said. “I knew he was in the craft. … In my mind there was no other place. I’m not disputing the fact that I did have to plead guilty and when I say have to, I had to do it to save my family and my wife. The threat of deportation was imminent…”

The pre-taped segment will air tomorrow, but you can catch a sneak peek below! Do you believe him?