Backstreet Boys Make BIG Announcement This Morning

July 17, 2012 By:

The Backstreet Boys teased fans yesterday when they announced that they were about to make an even bigger announcement on “Good Morning America” this morning.

Well, it turns out that the “announcement” wasn’t that much of an “announcement” but rather just a clarification. A true BSB fan could put two-and-two together with a quick glance at their facebook page.

Here’s the announcement: They are reuniting with Kevin Richardson for a reunion performance on “Good Morning America.”

Is this news for some people? I’m only a casual fan of the band, but didn’t these guys “reunite” several years ago? And then they “reunited” with New Kids on The Block, and then according to Wikipedia, Kevin Richardson had already rejoined and performed with the band after quitting in 2006. Look, straight out of Wikipedia (obviously, a very reliable source) it says, “Richardson hosted a beach party in the Bahamas on December 3, 2011, where he performed with the band.”

So, the only “news” that the boys had to announce is that they are performing on “Good Morning America.” Congratulations, but Justin Bieber does that on the regular.

“We’re going to be coming to perform for you guys on August 31,” A.J. McLean revealed this morning on GMA, “The first time together, all five of us.”

Lately, the guys have been living in London and working on their next album and they are apparently making a documentary about their 20 years together.

“It’s the first time in the studio together, all five of us, since 2005,” says Howie Dorough.

The guys are apparently LOVING their newfound reunion.

“We wake up. We have breakfast together. We’re not sick of each other at all,” said Nick Carter, “It’s awesome. It really is. The vibe is fantastic.”