Baby Morph: The Duke and Duchess Of Cambridge Edition

August 29, 2012 By:
Baby Morph: The Duke and Duchess Of Cambridge Edition

Awww yeah…
Kate Middleton and Prince William might not have a baby on board just yet, but we can dream can’t we?

While other sites are guessing at when the royal couple’s heir will arrive or what it’ll look like, Hollyscoop has made the bold move by answering “now” and “like this.”’

Well, sorta… It’s a Royal Baby Morph!

Taking the best of the British fashionista and the royal blood, we present for your viewing pleasure a mockup of what we think the couple’s bundle of joy would look like if and when it arrives.

It’s a chubby, blue-eyed child with big cheeks fitted with Kate’s dimples. The baby inherited close-set eyes from his or her dad, and his mom’s nose. However, unlike most baby morphs, Kate and Will’s kid promises to be pretty cute.

To top it all off, the royal baby wears a crown and a holds a scepter. Taking after his uncle, Harry, the kid presents himself without clothes.

Despite the storybook scenario presented in this baby morph, there have been rumors that the couple is already planning to "be with child" by the end of 2012. Some have even been so bold to point out a baby bump on Kate.

The new issue of Life & Style taps into the Duke and Duchess’ secret baby plans to expand their family.

“William and Kate are putting all their efforts into having a baby,” a friend of the couple told the magazine.

Surely, with all the naughty news spawning from Harry’s recent Las Vegas trip, there’s no doubt that headlines with baby news would come as a sight for sore eyes for the Royal Palace.