Who's Your Daddy?

January 18, 2007 By:
Who's Your Daddy?

All that nagging at Holly Madison’s been doing finally paid off. She’s managed to get Hugh Hefner to agree to sperminate her.

Holly has spoken openly about wanting to conceive a baby with Hefner on just about every “Girls Next Door” episode. Hefner already has four children from two marriages, including 54-year-old Christie Hefner, who's chairman and CEO of Playboy Enterprises.

"I think ‘probability' is probably an overstatement," he said, "but ‘possibility' is very real. It began as a wish, and now it's becoming, I mean, on Holly's part, it's a more serious conversation."

"This is the one," he said of Madison. "It's fascinating - I mean, with all the years and the romantic adventures and the marriages, etc. - to find something as special as this at this stage in my life is a miracle."