Octuplet Mom Receiving Death Threats

February 12, 2009 By:
Octuplet Mom Receiving Death Threats

Nadya Suleman has gained international fame after giving birth to octuplets late last month. Many are wondering how this unemployed mother of 14 is going to be able to care for her many many children financially and emotionally.

Media outlets have already declared her the "most hated woman in America" and now her rep Joann Killeen claims that she's received multiple death threats since the birth of the kids.

"Because of the death threats to Nadya and her family, as well as the death threats to me and my agency, we were in a secure location last week," Killeen says on Thursday's Dr. Phil show.

"When the risk was determined, it was no longer a high threat, we were able to leave that location."

Earlier today TMZ posted a photo of Nadya just eight days before she gave birth to the octuplets. How did she manage to walk around with such a big belly? What are your thoughts on the octuplets mom? Is it unfair for her to receive so much bad press?