Aziz Ansari: Hollywood's Triple Threat

August 12, 2011 By:
Aziz Ansari: Hollywood's Triple Threat

Aziz Ansari wants you to see his new flick, 30 Minutes or Less for a good reason. He needs work.

Ansari seemed to pop into the spotlight overnight. Ever since starring on Parks and Recreation, the public fell in love with his quirky, energetic sense of humor. Let’s face it. The guy is a riot. Between film, TV, and standup, Aziz Ansari is Hollywood’s ‘It’ Boy. Wait, is there such a thing? If not, there is now.

Hollyscoop caught up with the hilarious triple threat at the premiere of 30 Minutes or Less, and here’s what he had to tell us.

Hollyscoop: In ten seconds, why should people go see this film?

Aziz Ansari: Cause I’m in it, and I’d like to star in more films. And if the box office is good, I’ll be more likely to do that. And it’s also a funny film. Something for you as well.

HS: What was it like working with Danny McBride and the rest of the cast?

AA: They were hilarious. Super fun. It’s a great cast. Everyone works well together.

HS: Can you tell us a little bit about your character?

AA: “No” he says while laughing.

HS: Haha.

AA: No, I play this guy, my best friend, Jessie Eisenberg, is forced to rob a bank. And I help
him. And we’re two regular Joes who are forced to rob a bank, you know? It’s funny.

HS: You’re known as the triple threat in comedy.

AA: Triple threat? What are three threats?

HS: Well—

AA: Standup, acting…and dancing! (points at camera)

HS: There you go.

AA: Acting, standup…what’s the third?

HS: You look good.

AA: Oh, that’s true. I do.

HS: What do you think about that?

AA: Oh. I’m flattered. Were you serious?

HS: Yes, of course.

AA: Oh, well thank you. I appreciate it.

HS: Of course. And what can fans expect from Parks and Recreation coming up?
Season four is SO funny. The writers did a fantastic job. We had some really funny scripts we’ve been shooting and um, I think people will really be into it.

HS: A fun question. Lady Gaga or Madonna?

AA: Jay-Z.