Axl Rose Wasn't The Only GNR Member Who Ate It On Stage...

June 21, 2012 By:

Axl Rose took a stage dive… And not the good kind.

The singer did his best “America’s Funniest Home Videos” move during a concert on Saturday in France. Rose slipped, tripped, and slammed on his face, getting a mouthful of stage.

Rose’s fall happened during a performance of “Sweet Child of Mine” as part of Hellfest 2012. The singer fell face first while stepping up to a higher platform. As a result of the slip, his hat flew off and he went full horizontal onto the floor.

But, Axl, being the champ that he is recovered like a pro. He picked up his hat and proceeded to belt the ballad.

Though we can see it for ourselves on the Youtube video, a spokesperson for the group confirmed the blunder and told Hollyscoop exclusively, Rose wasn't the only one! Other members went down throughout the set due to a greasy stage.

“Yes, he did fall, as did Tommy Stinson and some of the crew,” the spokesperson said. “The stage was very slippery.”

Not to worry, though, rockers… Axl is back on his feet and doing well.

“He is totally fine, suffered no injuries!” the source said.

Hellfest is an annual three-day rock event held in Clisson, France. This is the seventh year of the show. Along with Guns N' Roses, headliners of the affair include Megadeth, and Ozzy Osbourne & Friends.

The band’s next tour stop is at the Arena Fiera in Milan, Italy. Let’s stay on our feet for that one, boys…