Oscars Prepare for Cancellation

January 31, 2008 By:
Oscars Prepare for Cancellation

Could the Oscars be facing the same fate as the Golden Globes? Contingency plans are underway for the Oscars just in case organizers are forced to cancel the lavish awards due to the writers strike.

So far, plans for the ceremony have gone ahead as normal but organizers have reportedly prepared a TV special showing a history of the Oscars and memorable moments from the prestigious award show.

Academy president Sid Ganis says, "We have an obligation to the art form to present the Oscars. (But we will have to consider) concepts that are not normally ones that we would have for the show if we were moving straight ahead." But Academy spokeswoman Leslie Unger insists the organization is still in talks with the WGA to resolve the situation.

She adds, "We want to be able to do the kind of Oscar show that we always do, and we want to create the circumstances that will allow us to do that."

A string of cancellations including the Golden Globes and People's Choice have crippled the entertainment industry since the WGA strike first started back in November 07. The Oscars are definitely my favorite award show, I've been watching the red carpet coverage since I was a little girl so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the show will go on.