Oscar Predictions From the Stars

February 22, 2009 By:
Oscar Predictions From the Stars

The 81st Annual Academy Awards are just a few hours away and everyone in Hollywood is buzzing about who will take home an Oscar this year. We caught up with some of your favorite stars to get their predictions on the show, but we want to hear yours! Who are you rooting for tonight?

Elisabeth Hasselbeck:

"Slumdog millionaire!"

Rosanna Arquette:

"It's an honor [getting a nod] cause it's your peers who vote, I'm a member and I vote so it’s a nice thing for the actor. It's a really tough year I have a lot of friends in there, I do love love Kate Winslet and I loved Melissa Leo's performance I thought she was incredible, Slumdog Millionaire I love love love love. It's a good year!"

Mira Sorvino on getting an Oscar nod:

"It's like a kiss on the head from the heavens you know."

Joan Collins:

"I think Sean Penn and Meryl Streep."

Rob Thomas:

“The only movie we saw was MILK and Sean Penn was amazing in that but, I would hate to say anything else because we did not see all the movies. Usually we see everything but we have been so busy lately. Josh Brolin as well. He is always next to the guy who gets all the credit same thing happened in No Country for Old Men. I mean he was an amazing guy he just happened to be behind the other guy.”

Karina Smirnoff:

"The Reader- I don't even know what it's up for, but I loved it. I love movies when you're done watching it and you can't stop thinking about it. I was also a fan of Benjamin Button and Revolutionary Road."

Dream Walker::

“I loved Kate Winslet’s performances this year both in Reader and Revolutionary Road. She is fantastic. Heath Ledger for Dark Night and
I have to say I am a little sad Clint Eastwood did not get nominated for Grand Torino. I was in that movie and I would have liked to been in an Oscar Award Winning Movie. I’m kind of surprise Leonardo DiCaprio did not get nominated for Revolutionary Road as well“

Taylor Momsen:

“I watch them every year as long as I can remember so I can’t wait. But I don’t even know who is nominated right now.”

Dwayne Wade:

"I just enjoy greatness. I enjoy seeing every actor and actress go out there and do what they love to do. I'm not really pulling for any one of them, but, of course, the ones that come to mind are the Denzel Washingtons, the Halle Berrys, you look at all these actors and actresses and you want to pull for them."

Ashlyn Gorse:

"Mickey Rourke and Kate Winslet and I'm predicting they're going to win - and the Slumdog kids, they all deserve awards."

Paris Hilton:

"I've been so busy with work I don't even know who is nominated."

Tila Tequila:

"The Changeling with Angelina and The Duchess."