Live Blogging from the 2011 MTV VMA's

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Live Blogging from the 2011 MTV VMA's

It's been a hell of a year for music. And as always, MTV is paying tribute to those artists, bands and singers that give all of our lives a soundtrack. Hollyscoop will be live blogging on the red carpet at this year's 2011 Video Music Awards. From Lady Gaga to Beyonce to Katy Perry—keep refreshing for updates!

Lady Gaga took the stage as her alter ego Joe. She was dressed in a Brooks Brothers suit and sang “You and I”. Is it just me, or does Gaga look almost as good as a dude as she does a woman? Horns, meat, a dude—Gaga can pull off anything. Gaga crooned to the audience in a soulful, emotional performance.

At the pre-show, Gaga won "Best Video With a Message" for Born This Way.

"I'm really proud of the 'Born This Way' video, and for it to be nominated is an absolute honor," Gaga told MTV News before the pre-show.


Whether you love, hate, or are totally indifferent to it—that song has quickly become an anthem for our generation.

Nicki Minaj and Jonah Hill took the stage for a strange skit about his weight loss. Jonah Hill just doesn’t look the same since he lost all that weight. I hate to say it, but I'm pretty sure half the reason we thought he was funny is because he was fat. Before, he looked like the crazy, funny friend I wanted to hang out and drink with. Now, he looks like he should be doing my taxes.

Nicki just announced the Best Pop Video winner: Britney Spears for “Til the World Ends”. Britney thanked her fans, management team and her boys. She added a thank you to her boyfriend, Jason Trawick, saying, “I love you Jason” before she left the stage. If they had an award for "Most Pole Dances at a Concert", Britney would sweep that category.

Jay-Z and Kanye West just took the stage for a surprise performance of “Otis”. Nice of MTV to allow Kanye back on the stage. Jay-Z changed the words to “I’m about to become a Pop”.

Miley Cyrus just announced the award for Best Rock Video. It went to the Foo Fighters for Walk.

Best Hip Hop Video just went to Nicki Minaj, for her hit Super Bass. Her outfit, on the other hand, was Super Bizarre. But colorful. Always colorful. Seriously, she looked like a box of Crayolas melted all over her. But I think that's what she was going for.

Katy Perry and Kanye West won for Best Collaboration for E.T.. When Kanye took the stage to accept his award, I'm surprised he didn’t tell the audience it should've gone to Beyonce. Nope, not letting that one go. Team Taylor.

Wow, Adele's performance was powerful. I think I need some Kleenex and a hug. Rolling In the Deep is nominated for Video of the Year, along with the Eminem/Rihanna hit, Love the Way You Lie, Foo Fighters' Rope, Katy Perry's Firework, and of course, Born This Way by Lady Gaga.

Meanwhile, backstage at the VMAs, Minaj said: "I have a lot of surprises that I don't want to give away, but I just want everyone to know, they're going to be more than satisfied." Please, don't tell us you're pregnant, too!

Kim Kardashian just announced the winner for Best Male Video: Justin Bieber for "You Smile".

During the Britney Spears tribute, Lady Gaga—err, I mean, Joe Calderone—said he used to touch himself to posters of Spears. Performers then took the stage, singing and dancing to a montage of Britney songs, including Oops I Did It Again. In the audience, Britney laughed, completely delighted with her homage. The performance wasn't Britney, but it was close enough, bitch.

Beyonce and her new baby just took the stage, and—wow. I thought pregnant women were supposed to be tired and slow. That kid is seriously going to come out doing a choreographed dance and singing into a mic.

Best New Artist just went to Tyler The Creator. He was wearing a psychedelic shirt with a cat face on it. I don’t even know what the f-ck. With all the weird things artists have worn to the VMAs, that might be the weirdest.

Best Female Video just went to Lady Gaga, so what the hell is this Jo Calderone character doing onstage?

"I'm so, so happy to accept the award tonight" Calderone says. Whatever, I'm getting sick of going on with this schtick. We get it already, you're confident enough to dress as a man. We just want to hear you sing.

Russell Brand memorializes the late, great Amy Winehouse. After Amy's death, Brand used his memories of the singer to write an amazing tribute to her that doubled as a PSA about addiction. He might be goofy as hell, but he's got a way with words.

Bruno Mars just gave an awesome tribute to Amy Winehouse, along with Tony Bennett.

Meanwhile, Jo Calderone is backstage dodging questions from reporters. He says Lady Gaga is really f-cking pissed at him. You know, this is all fun and games until Jo steals Selena Gomez from Justin Bieber.

Katy Perry just won Video of the Year for 'Firework'. Congrats to Perry and that orange block growing out of her head.