How Celebs Got Red Carpet Ready For the 2012 People's Choice Awards

January 12, 2012 By:
How Celebs Got Red Carpet Ready For the 2012 People's Choice Awards

We’re smack dab in the middle of red carpet season, folks. The 2012 People’s Choice Awards took place at L.A.’s Nokia Theater Wednesday night, and now we’re all gearing up for the Golden Globes this Sunday.

Hollyscoop talked to the celebs on the People’s Choice Awards to see how they prepare for their strut down the red carpet. So without further adieu, check out these celebs and how they get ready carpet ready!

Entourage actor Rex Lee told Hollyscoop how he got ready for the People’s Choice Awards.

“I went to the dermatologist,” Rex said. And it was a risky visit, as far as trips to the dermatologist go. “I thought he was going to zap me with a laser and I was going to have little red marks all over my face but luckily that didn’t happen.”

His final word of advice for getting ready for the red carpet:

“Avoid getting zapped.”

True Blood’s Carrie Preston told Hollyscoop: “I try to make sure I eat a nice meal before, because you get so hungry.”

And as far as hair, makeup, and all that, Preston says she puts herself “in the hands of the professionals.”

Fourteen year-old Chloe Moretz, who won a People’s Choice Award for Favorite Movie Star Under 25, manages to mix glamour with age-appropriateness. So how does she do it?

“I really try and be myself,” Moretz told Hollyscoop. “Wear what makes me feel lik I am who I am and I just kind of go with my style.”