Best and Worst Dressed From Billboard Awards

December 5, 2006 By:
Best and Worst Dressed From Billboard Awards

Here is the fashion recap for the Best and Worst dressed at the 2006 Billboard Music Awards. We have to say American Idol definitely brings in the winners on and off the stage. Katharine McPhee looked stunning in a short black dress while the winner of the night Carrie Underwood opted for a short purple cocktail dress. Carmen Electra looked sexy as always in short white number while Nelly Furtado opted for a lace gown. Overall the look of the red carpet was legs legs legs! Short dresses are definitely making a huge comeback.

We always hate doing the worst dressed because we usually love most of the people on our list, but someone has to do it. Denise Richards topped our worst dressed list, her dress was wrong, her hair was horrible, her tights were unnecessary and her shoes were fugly. Denise usually looks radiant on the red carpet so I’m assuming her stylist was out of town because there’s no excuse for this.

Our second worst dressed has to go to Janet Jackson, who although did a great job performing at the show, did not do so well in the wardrobe department. Her bob and “Bonnie and Clyde” costume had ‘Fashion Miss’ written all over it. One thing is for sure there was no wardrobe malfunction so we’ll give her credit for that.

Our next fashion victim is rocker Courtney Love. It looked like Courtney invaded Sharon Osbournes closet before she attended the event and in a rush of excitement forgot to comb her hair.

Our last worst dressed star made us sad, because she’s usually always on top of her game—it was our favorite rocker Gwen Stefani. Although Gwen is eccentric and very daring in her wardrobe preferences, something about this look wasn’t working for us. Her dress was nice it didn’t do her any justice and her hair reminded us of frozen swirled yogurt. So that’s that folks!