Stars Reflect on Their Heroes at American Giving Awards

December 16, 2011 By:
Stars Reflect on Their Heroes at American Giving Awards

The Wish Upon a Hero foundation was just one of the charities who received support from Chase at the recent American Giving Awards.

The Chase American Giving Awards donated $125,000 to the foundation, which operates a website that allows people in need fulfill their wishes.

And speaking of heroes, Hollyscoop talked to the celebs at the American Giving Awards to see who their personal heroes are.

Veteran sports journalist Bob Costas told us: “Mickey Mantle was a big baseball hero when I was a kid…I think as you get older, you have people you respect and admire and there’s a long list of them in my business. I work with Al Michaels, who’s one of the play by play announcers, I think Brian Williams is a tremendous anchor for us at NBC."

Adorable and talented actress Abigail Spencer told Hollyscoop, “My hero is my dad.”

And Dancing With the Stars winner, J.R. Martinez, is a hero himself, but he says his personal hero is his mom.

“My mother is an amazing hero to me,” Martinez says. “She’s overcome a lot she’s been through a lot and she still finds ways to smile in life even though sometimes the world doesn’t deserve that smile.”

50 Cent, who has been through his share of adversities, says the late Steve Jobs remains a huge icon in his eyes.

“If you ever need to bring yourself down to earth, you need to focus on him. Look at your accomplishments up against [his] and you’ll feel the ground.”

Country music artist Rodney Atkins lists a man named Charles Hutchins among his heroes.

“He ran the adoptions home I was adopted from when I was a kid. Eva Grey, his wife, my mom and dad…it doesn’t end. I’m just grateful.”