Academy Awards Honoring 8 Technical and Scientific Achievements

January 5, 2012 By:
Academy Awards Honoring 8 Technical and Scientific Achievements

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced that eight scientific and technical achievements will be honored at its annual Scientific and Technical Awards presentation.

According to the Academy, in order to be considered, the achievements don’t necessarily have to be introduced in 2011.  They just have to “demonstrate a proven record of contributing significant value to the process of making motion pictures.” In short, these people are being honored for helping to make movies even more awesome.

An Academy Certificate and six Academy Plaques will be handed out to the recipients. One Oscar Statuette will be presented to Franz Kraus, Johannes Steurer and Wolfgang Riedel for designing the ARRILASER Film Recorder.

The Academy described the achievement:

“The ARRILASER film recorder demonstrates a high level of engineering resulting in a compact, user-friendly, low-maintenance device, while at the same time maintaining outstanding speed, exposure ratings and image quality.”

The presentation will take place at the Beverly Wilshire on Saturday, February 11, 2012.