Report: Avril Lavigne Moving in With Brandon Davis

October 22, 2009 By:
Report: Avril Lavigne Moving in With Brandon Davis

We sure hope this isn’t true! We know things are officially over between Avril Lavigne and Deryk Whibley, but this is very bad idea. Sources say Avril is moving in with Brandon Davis!

Apparently the two have been seeing other since her split. We remember when he heard rumors of her cheating on Deryck with Brandon all the way back in December!

Apparently the flame is still burning for the two of them, and they’re taking it to the next level!

A source tells In Touch, “Avril is selling her home
where she lived with Deryck, while Brandon still lives in his family’s Bel-Air mansion….They both needed a place to live, so they decided to move in together.”

The insider says they’ve been house hunting in Beverly Hills and Hollywood Hills this week.

“She and Brandon aren’t sure where the romance is headed,” the source says, “But Brandon has never lived with a woman before, so it’s a big commitment on his part.”

Can you say…bad idea??!