Avril Lavigne: My Husband & I Never Spend 10 Days Apart

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Avril Lavigne: My Husband & I Never Spend 10 Days Apart
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The secret to Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger’s romance? They always try to be near one another, no matter what.

“We've only been apart 10 days,” Avril told Hollyscoop exclusively, “so it's nice. He's flying in for my birthday this Friday, that's the best birthday present by far, getting to be with him and see him.”

Which isn’t really anything new for the singer and her rocker beau—the two have been inseparable since they met.

“We actually have spent the majority of our relationship, like, all of our time together,” she continued, “[his band] went on the road for a little bit and I was out with Nickelback on their tour, and then he travels with me, and now that we worked together on my record, we're together then.”

Even with their busy work schedules, managing to find the time is surprisingly easy for these two. Music is what introduced them to one another in the first place, so touring together is natural and fun for these two.

“That's how we met,” Avril said. “We got together to write and then we hit it off and we became friends and then over time we ended up dating.”

Avril and Chad got married in a French castle near Cannes in early July of this year. The two met just over a year ago in 2012.

“He proposed in the studio,” said Avril, “so it was really romantic and when we work together, we're creating and we're in the moment of, you know, making something happen, so it's fun, you know?”

“We work hard, the hours are long but it actually just makes that process even better because he's there with me,” she added. “I like working with [Chad], plus I think he's a really talented songwriter and I respect him and his work tremendously.”