Avril Lavigne and Brody Jenner Get Into Bloody Bar Brawl

November 7, 2011 By:
Avril Lavigne and Brody Jenner Get Into Bloody Bar Brawl

Dressing like a confused highschooler isn’t the only thing Avril Lavigne has been up to lately. To round out her “eternally 15-years-old” vibe, the former punk rock singer is still getting into fights.

Both Avril and her world’s-most-random boyfriend, Brody Jenner, were in a bloody fistfight at Hollywood’s Roosevelt Hotel this weekend.

After another Roosevelt patron attacked Avril, Brody tried to break up the fight and ended up getting whacked in the face with a bottle. Photos from Saturday night show Brody standing outside the club with blood running down his face while trying to make a phone call.

What started out as a fun night in da club ended up with Brody spending the night in the hospital to get stitches. He tweeted early Sunday morning, “Interesting Saturday night…Just got out of the hospital with a new scar on my face…Charges/chargers!!!”

No idea why the random woman attacked Avril Lavigne, but I can only assume it was a 13-year-old who claims that Avril stole her hairstyle and eyeliner.

By the time police got to the LA hotspot, Avril had left. According to Law enforcement sources, Jenner was listed as a victim in the scuffle and Jenner was the only one involved who spoke to police. He probably confused the cops for TMZ. Does this bar fight make me still relevant? Oh wait, LADP? I thought you were a tabloid...KIDDING!

Later, Avril tweeted this in her defense, “I don’t fight. I don’t believe in it. To clear things up I got attacked by 5 people last night out of nowhere. Not cool. My face is f-cked.”

And Brody wasn’t the only one who walked away scratched, Avril tweeted that her face was f-cked, “as in black eye, bloody nose, hair ripped out, scratches, bruises and cuts. So not ok to be abusive to others. Violence is NEVER the answer.”

Sadly the couple’s night took a turn for the worst, as Brody tweeted on their way out how happy they were.

“Having the best night with the love of my life @AvrilLavigne so happy right now!!”

Maybe Brody Jenner has some insane fans that were jealous of the tweet and wanted to get into a fight with Avril. Nawww, who am I kidding? Brody Jenner doesn’t have fans.

Yesterday while Avril was mending, she tweeted that her former guitarist, Evan Taubenfeld had come to cheer her up and bring her an ice pack.

“Thank you @EvanT for coming over to visit me today and bringing me a hello kitty ice pack. I’m so lucky to have a friend like you.”