James Cameron: 'Avatar' Won't Win Best Picture

February 2, 2010 By:
James Cameron: 'Avatar' Won't Win Best Picture

James Cameron's blockbuster Avatar led the pack today with the most Oscar nominations (9 total!), but this talented director isn't holding his breath for the 'Best Picture' win.

Cameron, who is also nominated for "Best Director," is hoping his ex wife
Kathryn Bigelow takes home the Golden Statue for her movie 'The Hurt Locker' instead.

He tells Empire magazine, "I always believe it's very unlikely that lightening will strike twice. I believe it's very unlikely that we will win because I made such a jacka** out of myself last time. Although there might be some curiosity about what I might do."

But Cameron hopes Bigelow's movie goes on to rule the ceremony instead. He adds, "The Hurt Locker is a very, very strong picture. Of the contenders, it's definitely the strongest. Certainly it's Kathryn's moment. I would happily lose to her. I've already got one of those damn statues. I'd be p**sed off if somebody else won, but I wouldn't mind if she won."

Aww how sweet of him of say that! He could have easily just avoided the entire conversation but the fact that he praised his ex wife and her movie says a lot about him! Who do you think will win for Best Picture?