Avatar to be Re-Released this Fall

March 12, 2010 By:
Avatar to be Re-Released this Fall

Being number one at the box office for weeks on end wasn’t enough for Fox, so they want to re-release Avatar this fall!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, James Cameron is in talks with the studio to bring his Oscar nom back to 3D theaters, and with some extra scenes!

The reason behind the second release is that, despite being the highest-grossing movie of all time, studio heads believe money was lost when Alice in Wonderland came to theaters last weekend in 3D and Imax.

Cameron reportedly has 40 minutes of extra footage that didn’t make the theatrical release. Unfortunately, because of regulations, he can only tack on and extra ten, because 170 minutes is the maximum length movies can be in Imax.

One scene has to do with Jake Sully's avatar proving himself to the Na'vi people; the other involves a native festival during which tribe member Tsu'tey gets drunk.

Through March 4, "Avatar" had grossed $127.1 million of its $712.5 million domestic haul in Imax theaters; this week's giant-screen take was $175,884.

We’re sure there are thousands of people who would happily see the film in the theater again—especially with the extra footage!