Avatar Named No. 2 at Global Box Office

January 8, 2010 By:
Avatar Named No. 2 at Global Box Office

Avatar has just beaten out Lord of the Rings to become the No. 2 grossing film at the global box office.

According to Variety, the film has made over $1.14 billion worldwide, just beating out LOTR: The Return of the King, which raked in $1.1 billion in 2003.

In fact, Avatar is only surpassed by James Cameron’s Titanic, which made $1.8 billion in ticket sales globally. But lucky for Avatar, it’s still in theaters, and could very well nab first place eventually. It’s taken three weeks to get this far, so the odds are good.

Fox's FX cable network has reportedly already paid upward of $25 million for the TV rights to Avatar, which will premiere in 2012. One thing is for sure, James Cameron knows a thing or two about blockbuster hits.