Avatar Banned in China

January 20, 2010 By:
Avatar Banned in China

While the rest of world can’t get enough of James Cameron’s hit Avatar, China has decided to pull it from their theaters! According to the AP, China Film Group is pulling the 2D version of Avatar from screens to reduce competition against their own movies.

The 3D and Imax versions will continue into February, but on Saturday, 2D screenings will come to an end to gear up for the Chinese New Year, in which many of their own country’s films will come out in theaters, including a biopic of Confucious, starring Chow Yun-Fat.

UME International Cineplex assistant manager Liu Hui said in a statement, "In UME, the 3D and Imax version make up 90 per cent of our box-office income, so it won't affect the majority of viewers. With the pullout of the 2D version, movies like Confucius will gain some room for showing.”

China has always been very protective of its domestic film industry, allowing only 20 foreign films into the Chinese market each year. James Cameron has actually fought with China on this restriction.

But it doesn’t look like it worked! Luckily, Avatar is reigning at the box office everywhere else in the world.