Rumor Control DWTS Edition: Audrina Dating Maksim?

August 31, 2010 By:
Rumor Control DWTS Edition: Audrina Dating Maksim?

The new cast of Dancing With the Stars was just announced yesterday, and the rumors are already starting! Three contestants making waves in the blogosphere this week are Bristol Palin, The Situation and Audrina Patridge.

Is the teen mom afraid of getting pregnant with her move to Hollywood? Is Mike "The Situation" already blowing off rehearsals? And is The Hills beauty hooking up with a hunky pro-dancer on the down-low? It’s time for some Rumor Control.

Let’s begin with Bristol. She’s been paired with Mark Ballas for the season, who will no doubt bring her out of her shell. But we hear Bristol is very cautious about her big move, thinking she may make the same mistake she did with Levi Johnston, and end up knocked up! But get your head out of the gutter—she says she’s only scared of “moving my hips!” But we say…don’t’ worry girl! You can’t get pregnant by dirty dancing! This rumor is FALSE.

Second up is America’s favorite fist-pumping guido. No word on who Mike’s been paired up with, but let’s hope his partner can show him some new moves! But is his slacking already becoming a “situation?” Show sources tell People that Mike is going to miss a few rehearsal days because he’ll still be shooting Jersey Shore. That might hinder his performance level a litte…This rumor is TRUE.

Lastly, Audrina is ready to move on from the drama on The Hills to the drama on the dance floor. She started rehearsals last weekend with her unnamed partner, but rumor has it she’s been doing more than tango with him. Today Ryan Seacrest asked Patridge to address the buzz she’s hooking up with Maksim Chmerkovsiy, and she just said, "What?!? Oh my God! Oh my God! Its just the beginning and [there's rumors] already!" We’ll have to keep an eye on those two! This rumor is UP IN THE AIR.