Life Before The Hills: What Could Have Been

July 15, 2010 By:
Life Before The Hills: What Could Have Been

Before Audrina, Kristin, Lo and Stephanie from The Hills found fame on the MTV hit show, they were just your average girls.

Some had hopes to be famous while others would have happily lived life working a 9 to 5…or should I say 9 to 9?

So if The Hills wasn't around, what would the girls be doing? The Hills resident "bitch" Kristin Cavallari told Hollyscoop she would "probably still be acting. Before I came on The Hills I was really trying to stay on the tabloid world and really just focus on acting. That is how I was making my money so that is probably what I would still be doing."

Audrina Patridge also had high hopes of making it big. "I would still be going to auditions and casting and trying to make it in the movie world," Audrina told Hollyscoop at The Hills wrap party at the Roosevelt Hotel on Tuesday.

Spencer's little sister Stephanie Pratt also saw her name in lights, but in a very different way. When asked what she would have done if she didn't find fame on The Hills she told Hollyscoop, "A handbag line, hopefully it would have came out a lot sooner than fall 2010 since I have been trying to do it since seventh grade, I got sidetracked," she laughed.

One cast member that didn't even have fame in mind was Lauren Conrad's BFF Lo Bosworth. When asked where she would be if it weren't for The Hills she said, "I ask myself that question quite often, I think I would be in medical school." Impressive!

Now that the show has wrapped the girls are going their separate ways, and hopefully avoid making sex tapes like some other reality stars. “That is not going to happen, I’m not that stupid,” Kristen told Hollyscoop. Phew! No naked scandalous tapes for Kristen, but she is working on producing a few shows.

Audrina plans on expanding her modeling portfolio while Lo takes on her passion project, hosting! (Perhaps for Hollyscoop?). The show may have wrapped up this week but we have a feeling this isn’t the last we’re going to see of the girls. What are your predictions for the girls?