Judge Grants Audrina Restraining Order Against Stalker

September 30, 2009 By:
Judge Grants Audrina Restraining Order Against Stalker

Audrina Patridge can rest a little better tonight, knowing that her stalker is now required by law to keep away from her.

The Hills’ star showed up to an LA court this morning to request a permanent restraining order against a man named Zachary Loring. He supposedly wrote Audrina several poems, including one she read today in court entitled “Damzel.”

According to TMZ, it didn’t take much more convincing for the judge, who said, "It's unfortunate that people who pursue careers in the public have to deal with these people.”

The judge ordered in favor of Audrina, granting a 3-year restraining order against Loring on behalf of Audrina, and her brother Mark who lives with her.

She told reporters outside of the courthouse, “I feel safe now.”

Let’s hope the extent of this guy’s craziness is just his poems!