Audrina vs. Lauren: It's On!

October 3, 2008 By:
Audrina vs. Lauren: It's On!

Earlier today Audrina Patridge addressed the rumors about Lauren Conrad hooking up with Justin Bobby. She said in a blog, “I'm not sure what to believe. Though Justin and I have not been exclusive for quite some time, these rumors are very confusing and hurtful.”

Well, things are getting interesting because Lauren has addressed the rumors denying any sort of hookup.

She tells In Touch Weekly, "These accusations are so crazy it's difficult for me to take them seriously…. While my usual taste in guys isn't always perfect, I do prefer they shower regularly."

Ouch! Let’s just hope they are filming all this on The Hills, because quite frankly, were over the Heidi drama! This is definitely more interesting. Audrina vs. Lauren: Whose side are you on?